I Promise – © Danny Blackburn

I Promise
To take time for you and pursue you passionately
And I promise to love you compassionately
I do seek to understand your needs so deeply
And I promise each day to love you so completely
I will provide a home of love and emotional purity
And I promise love, laughter, honesty and a life where you feel security
I will make time for you, for without you I have no time
And I promise you to cherish, honor, respect, admire and be kind
Time may take us down a path where you need to be taken care of
And I promise to hold you, clean you and continue to admire you with love
If life places pain in your heart I will be there to fill it with love
And I promise each day to pray for our health and happiness from God above
I will awaken each day to see your sweet smile and feel your touch
And I promise to bring you happiness and laughter,
I love you so much I will be there for you each day of my life
And I promise to make you happy for you are my wife I give you my heart,
I love you girl that can’t you see
And I promise to you to be very attentive and caring indeed
I have ran for miles swearing my love to you for life
And I promise to God to honor you, my beautiful wife I Love you

Source: I Promise, Marriage Poems