Wedding Paperwork

Wedding in Italy is a dream for many couples, however wedding paperwork may generate doubts and questions.

Especially D.I.Y. couples may need some guidance. Navigating consulates and Town Hall websites is usually quite difficult and most of the info there are outdated, inaccurate or not very specific to your case.

When you look at the needed paperwork, there are several factors that will impact the needed documents and time:

  • Nationality of each spouse
  • Residence of each spouse
  • Marital status of each spouse
  • Divorce date of the dissolved marriage
  • Type of wedding
  • Area of the wedding
  • Number of guests/friends in Italy 2-3 days before the wedding

Each of the above will change, even considerably, the type of documentation needed.

Efffetti is a long-established wedding planner and translators company, every year we organize and teach a course to Italian Wedding Planners about Paperwork, we are in constant contact with local authorities and most of the  Consulates/Embassies in Florence, Milan and Rome, so we are always up to date with the most recent procedures and possible changes.

We offer packages to support couples in their wedding paperwork, but we also offer online telephone consultation to DIY couples.

Book a 30 Minutes WhatsApp/Skype Consultation for just 50€*

*should you hire us for a paperwork package, we will discount the already paid amount from our paperwork fee