Pisa Wedding

Volterra Wedding Town Hall View

Pisa is so famous for the leaning tower and the “Piazza dei Miracoli“. But also¬†Palazzo Gambacorti (where civil weddings are celebrated). It was built in late 14th century as residence of the powerful Gambacorti family. It was one of the famous “Repubbliche Marinare” together with Genoa, Venice and Amalfi, plus the Dalmatian Ragusa. Pisa region though deserves some additional notes, as it is not so famous, but it hosts some of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany, recalling ancient history such as the Etruscan Volterra. Most of the fantastic location we selected for our weddings are in this area and you will be surprised how beautiful they are, easy to reach and, why not, less expensive than other most famous cities.