Siena Wedding

siena piazza del campoSiena opens its heart to you, reads an inscription above the town gates, and so it does, this lovely, human-scaled jumble of gracious Gothic buildings and twisting car-free streets. The centerpice is the glorious Piazza del Campo, the scallop-shaped piazza that, twice a year, hosts the famous Palio, a madcap horse race with medieval origins. The Crete Senesi, south-east of Siena, is a superb, surprising landscape of sun-baked hills studded with solitary cypresses: classic Tuscany. The Palio takes place each year on July 2nd and August 16th. It’s fun to inspect the preparations the day before the race, but if you have not purchased tickets – a year in advance – avoid the city those days.

Consider Siena wedding hall as one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. Siena is a car free city and walking among its street will be an amazing emotional experience.