Wedding rings are very personal magical objects.

Bride and groom will always wear them from the wedding day, so the wedding ring will have to be comfortable and reflect personal liking. This is why wedding rings have to be chosen by the couple together.

Consider though some fundamental aspects before choosing [remember Four Weddings and a Funeral?]

  1. traditions say it is the fiance that will purchase them, but sometimes one of the bestmen (or a close relative or even the best friend) would like to offer them. Once purchased they have to be kept in a safe place by a very accurate and reliable beloved [recall the movie]
  2. they are usually stored by the bestman, but be sure that he/she is very very precise and punctual. The emotions of the day, hurry,  and unexpected events this is the safest way of having wedding rings there in the right place at the right time to be rings
  3. consider creating a small rings holder. usually a small squared or hart-shaped white pillow. It will have two ribbons to hold the rings and avoid them to fall down. An good option is to ask the atelier that made your wedding gown to create a ring holder which coordinates with your dress.
  4. finally rings can be delivered to the couple by a child or stored by the bestman that will pass them in the right moment .