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After Valentine’s day, and planning consider couples frequently breaks because of money… so here are some inputs for a conversation BEFORE the “I do” Whether the issues are big or small, money will prove a powerful force impacting your marriage — sometimes overtly in the form of routine arguments; sometimes quietly as animosities seethe beneath the surface for years, only to explode into a potentially marriage-ending supernova.

What couples don’t always grasp is that money is rarely the real culprit. It’s the lack of communication, often stemming from a lack of knowledge about each other’s personal financial quirks and beliefs. So, some time between “Yes, I will marry you,” and “I do,” you and your partner need to have The Money Talk — the key questions all couples should ask of one another. Here are four of the more important questions to ask each other, since they provide insight and information on how money will flow through your marriage.

1. What Are Your Assets and Liabilities?
2. What Is Your Money History?
3. How Should We Divide Financial Duties?
4. Do We Combine Accounts or Operate Individually?

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Ultimately, all of these questions are about one thing: communication. Learn to talk about money early and often, and you can mitigate the financial tensions that are normal in all marriages. Write to Jeff D. Opdyke at