Medieval Feast in Vicopisano 5-6 Sept. 2009

In 1996 Vicopisano (a wonderful village close to Pisa) starts the tradition of the Medieval Feast that this year is at its 14th edition. The marvelous historical center of the village and the magical atmosphere created by the participants make it an event you cannot miss.

There are historical groups, medieval tents, musicians and theatrical representations about the medieval theme. This feast recalls games of the middle ages and food. Food can never miss in such a feast and along the streets there can be found “taverne” ancient restaurants, where you can have some “medieval fast food” or outside the center you can have a complete restaurant meal.

Inside the Palazzo Pretorio there will be this year a photo gallery with the images of last year photographic contest of the feast.

More than this, though, the magical atmosphere of the feast is the real reason to be there. Here you will feel like being in between past and present.

The organizers of the feast can be contacted for further info at Segreteria della Festa in Via Lante, 50 Tel. +39 050 796117