Siena means Palio to the majority!

August in Siena is not the best time of the year to come to this marvel of Tuscany to get married: a Wedding in Tuscany is an amazing experience, but the temperature in mid August might not be the best to celebrate it and you’d rather come to Siena to live the unique experience of the Palio. This is indeed the time of the year when Siena runs its Palio. The Palio di Siena¬† is run twice a year: on July 2nd (palio di Provenzano) and on August 16th (Palio dell’Assunta). 10 contradas (ancient areas in which the city is split) run it. Horses are assigned by a drawing occurring on June 29th and August 13th for the following respective races. This draw is called “la Tratta” and it is the first of a 4 days event that ends with the day of the Palio. In these 4 days 6 trial are run during the day and in these the chosen rider gets to know the horse. The last trial is held on the morning of the Palio.
The Palio itself is such a feast for the Senesi (people from Siena) and does not end with the three loops run by the horses in Piazza del Campo, it goes on till night and the following weeks when the won Palio (every Palio has it’s own prize created explicitly for that race by a new artist every year, and called Drappellone) is celebrated and guarded accurately for ever after in the winning contrada museum.
Accessing Piazza del Campo on the day of the Palio is very difficult and it requires you to stay under the sun from the early morning till sunset.. the sun of Tuscany in August… The flavour of the real Palio is the inner soul of Siena and its people!!!
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