Terricciola, night of wine and stars!

August 10th 2009,  San Lorenzo night, the night with more falling stars, and the night of wishes. In Terricciola, one of the most amazing cities wine tours in Tuscany, you can celebrate the night, watch chasing falling stars and ask your dreams to come true with jazz live music in the background and a good glass of local wine and food, and celebrate!!!

Maybe the wish is to get married soon, or to return to Tuscany to get married in this fabulous region. This is a night you cannot miss, and if you are far.. make a wish as well, the wish to come and visit Tuscany and taste its marvellous wines and food and maybe get married here, or renew your promises under the sun … or the stars of a Tuscan night.

On August 10th from 8 pm in Terricciola’s old town a suggestive evening across the village, tasting wines and food of Pisa area.


Great Bear Constellation (this year weather should be perfect and the sky clean. check it here). Dinner under the stars under the starry night of Terricciola, tasing wine and eating specialties Tuscan food in the big square (piazza Matteotti)

Reservation is required for the dinner calling +39 0587 656540 from 8 am to 1 pm or anytime +393466300791

There are tasting stands all around the ton streets, where you can try local Spumante (Italian champagne). There are several themes under each stand:

CASSIOPEA: tasting of street food and “cru” wines in the church square

ORION: Tasting of Tuscan cold cuts and Pisa’s red wine

ANDROMEDA: Tasting of Tuscan Cheese and Pisa’s white wines

DRAGON: Tasting of typical sweets, cakes and ice-cream and Vin Santo (typical sweet wine)

SWAN: Tasting of spirits combined with chocolate delight

The night will be surrounded by live Jazz Music and archaeological routs by Tectiana the Archaeological Group of Valdera and Colline Pisane. Archaeological routs include guided visits to the Etruscan Hypogeum of Belvedere, the funerary urn of Parsonage of st. Donato (II  century B.C.), the painting of Madonna di Monterosso (1409)

Visits start at 9.30 pm and can be booked in English, French and German.

Info and reservations at

+39 349 6820119
+39 333 9761176